Uniform Crime Report Summary

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Unit 2:

Uniform Crime Report
The FBI is responsible to collect the data for the statistic of the Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Eight Part 1 offenses, or major crimes, are included: 1. Murder
2. Forcible Rape
3. Robbery
4. Aggravated Assault
5. Bulgary,
6. Larceny-theft
7. Motor vehicle theft, and
8. Arson (could be private and personal property)

In 1930, Congress authorized the U.S. attorney general to survey crime in America, and the FBI was designated to implement the program. The Politicians uses the crime data to make laws. The law enforcement agencies, to identify multiple crimes.

A commonly used term in today’s UCR is clearance rate, which refers to the proportion of reported crimes that have been “solved”. Clearances are judges primarily on the basis of arrests and do not involved judicial disposition. Once arrest has been made, a crime is regarded as “cleared” for reporting purposes. Murder has been the highest clearance rate so far.

UCR data are based primarily on citizens’ crime reports to the police, there are however, several inherent difficulties. First, not all people report when they are victimized. They are either afraid to contact the police, while others may not believe that police could do anything about the crime. Second, certains kinds of crimes are reported rarely, if at all. Third, victims’ report may not be entirely accurate. Victim’s memory may be faulty, he/she misrepresent the facts. Finally, all reports are filtered through a number of bureaucratic levels, which increases the likelihood that inaccuracies will enter the data.

One of the least crime reported is Forcible Rape. It estimates only one out of every four forcible rape is reported to the police. The victims fear of embarrassment was the most commonly cited reason for nonreports.

The Uniform Crime Report Program is under going significant changes in the way in which data are gathered and reported. Whereas the original UCR...
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