Unforgettable Experience

Topics: Critical thinking, High school, Writing Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Coming into college I was a bit nervous for the courses that I would be taking, I didn’t know if I was ready as far as my level of education to take on so many credit hours. I’ve heard so many stories on how in high school you think that you are a good writer but once you get into college that’s a different story. Honestly, that made me really nervous, because in high school I was one of the best writers on our 2008-2009 Yearbook and Newspaper; so I prayed that would carry over into college as well. In orientation I signed up for WISE, not knowing what it really was, all I knew was that it was a program that would help you challenge yourself critically, and help you maintain a scholarly style of writing. So, I jumped to the opportunity to be in it, because if I got in WISE I knew my writing would only have the chances to get better rather than worse.

In College Comp 1 there were many assignments that caused me to think critically before I began writing, we learned many different styles on how to pre-write, along with the Rhetorical Situation (SPA: Subject, Purpose, Audience), and how to write effectively. In knowing those forms of learning I can truly say that my writing never went into a down fall this semester, I could only improve my writing with that knowledge. Using those forms of information towards my writing helped me tremendously, the expectations I had prior coming into the WISE program were met more than expected.

I set goals for myself in regards to my writing before I came into college, they were that I wouldn’t get offended when I was criticized towards my writing, I would do what was needed to make my writing better than in high school, and that I will use the techniques in every writing assignment that I had. What I aimed for this class as far as my goals I do believe that I stuck to my goals and didn’t stray from them. I knew that I wanted to better myself as far as writing and my techniques, and I have stuck to...
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