Unforgettable Experiance

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Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education 0522 First Language English June 2011 Principal Examiner Report for Teachers

Paper 0522/01 Reading Passage (Core)

Key messages This paper was mainly assessed for reading, although there were 10 marks available for writing in Question 2. Below is advice for responding to Question 1 which can be applied in future sessions: • • • • • • In responding to questions allocated one mark, it is likely that only a straighforward answer is required. In responding to questions allocated two marks, it is often necessary to identify two discrete points. For the 6 mark language question where candidates are asked to explain what the writer means by three phrases identified from the passage, candidates should explain two elements for each sub-section (see Question 1(g) below). For the 6 mark language question where candidates are asked to select three of their own phrases and then to explain the effect of these phrases, candidates need to carefully choose independent phrases for which they can attach different explanations (see Question 1(h) below). In responding to the 7 mark summary question, candidates need to identify specific details, bearing in mind that each correct point will be awarded 1 mark (see Question 1(i) below). Candidates should answer in their own words if this is specified in the question.

In responding to Question 2 in the future, candidates should ensure that they: • • • • • • cover all apsects of the question, including the requirements detailed in the bullet points select relevant, convincing details from the passage which they interpret in their own words develop their response using relevant hints from the passage write in the appropriate genre and register, and use carefully selected vocabulary demonstrate use of a variety of sentence structures write with accuarcy and clarity.

Overall, it is recommended that candidates carefully read the precise requirements of the question and the specific section of the passage. General comments The paper proved to be both accessible and interesting, and most candidates responded well to the imaginative opportunities offered by the writing task. Overall, performance was good, with many candidates producing responses of a high standard. There was no evidence that responses suffered from the time constraints imposed by an examination and the new format of the question paper was helpful in encouraging candidates to focus clearly in their responses, particularly to the summary Question 1 (i). There were many thorough and perceptive responses to the reading tasks in Question 1, indicating that candidates had taken care to read the questions carefully and to consider more than just the surface implications of those questions which carried more than one mark. With Questions such as 1 (a) and 1 (b), to gain the 2 marks available, it is necessary for candidates to identify two discrete and relevant points in their answers. This comment is particularly apposite to answering the summary question which is marked on a mark per point basis: careful reading of the precise requirements of the question and clear focus on the specific section of the passage in which the points are contained will enable candidates to score highly on this important question. Nearly all candidates produced responses of adequate length to the directed writing task and most observed the instruction to write in the format of a letter to a sister. The most successful responses picked up on the descriptions in the original passage and developed them into an effective account of the atmosphere in the lighthouse, supplemented by a convincing indication of the writer’s developing state of mind and paid full attention to the third bullet which required an imaginative interpretation of how the episode described may


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