unforgettable events in life

Topics: Thirty Years' War, Holy Roman Empire, Calvinism Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: January 7, 2014
lower palatinate, from the side of the Spanish Netherlands, was at the same time agreed upon.during these attempts to draw all the roman catholic powers into the league, every exertion was made against the counter league of the protestants.to this end, it was important to alarm the elector of Saxony and the other friedrich schiller evangelical powers, and accordingly the union were diligent in propagating a rumour that the preparations of the league had for their object to deprive them of the ecclesiastical foundations they had secularized.a written assurance to the contrary calmed the fears of the duke of Saxony, whom moreover private jealousy of the palatine, and the insinuations of his chaplain, who was in the pay of Austria, and mortification at having been passed over by the hohemians in the lection the throne, strongly inclined to the side of Austria.the fanaticism of the Lutherans could never forgive the reformed party for having drawn, as they expressed it, so many fair provinces into the gulf of Calvinism, and rejecting the roman antichrist only to make way for an Helvetian one.while Ferdinand used every effort to improve the unfavourable situation of his affairs, Frederick was daily injuring his good cause. By his close and questionable connexion with the prince of Transylvania, the open ally of the porte, he gave offence to weak minds; and a general rumour accused him of furthering his own ambition at the expense of Christendom, and arming the turks against germany.his inconsiderate zeal for the Calvinistic scheme irritated the Lutherans of bohemia, his attacks on image worship incensd the papists of this kingdom against him.new and oppressive imposts alienated the affection of all his subjects.the disappoinbted hopes of the bohemian nobles colled thieir zeal;the absence of foreign succours abated their confidence.insteadf of devoting himself with unitring energies to the affairs of his kingdom.frederick wasted his time in amusements;instead...
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