Unexpected Situations

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Unexpected Situations

It was an unforgettable Tuesday night; my son was all ready for bed. I laid him down in his crib, went to the kitchen to make him a bottle. Luckily I had three scoops left of formula, but not enough for the rest of night. Once I made his bottle I gave to him and I sat there watch him fall asleep, I loved hearing how he sucked the milk out the bottle so peacefully. Once he had fallen asleep, I asked my dad if he would let me borrow his car to go purchase formula for my son. He answered, “yes go ahead my car’s are down stair’s on top of the counter, just be careful it’s late and it’s dark”.

I went down stairs grabbed my jacket and my dad’s car keys. Before I left I asked if he needed it anything, as always he said, “no”. My sister came down stairs I asked her to keep an eye on my son mean while I went and came back from the store. Finally I left and I took the long way with all the street lights. I told myself I would take the short way back home. Finally I arrived to Stater Brothers. I bought all the formula I needed and headed home the short way.

Sadly the short way had dark streets. I was a little scared because there was hardly any light so I drove even slower. Right when I turned into the street that would take me straight to my dad’s neighborhood. I saw a lot of cars parked outside of ware houses. I remember driving looking at my speed I was driving 25mph going on 30mph, and out of nowhere I saw a van straight ahead on the left side where all the cars were parked making an illegal U turn. I tried braking as fast as I could hope that the van would go faster, and thinking about how mad my dad was about to be. Did it go faster? No! I crashed into the vans left side rare end.

Air bags blew up, all this smoke stated coming out, I felt like headed and confused. The other driver opened my door and tried to take me out. Thankfully I was ok I could feel that something had hit my arms and my chest, but that was it. As soon as I...
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