Unexpected Journey to Logistic Companies

Topics: Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Port of Subic, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Pages: 6 (2444 words) Published: March 11, 2013
An Unexpected Journey in SUBIC Bay Freeport Zone

Have you watched the movie “Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey”, this is a hit movie of 2012 where a hobbit had an unexpected visitor from Gandalf and he was forced to join to a group of dwarves to conquer the old Castle of the Dwarves.

It is like the same story that our instructor and a Licensed Customs Broker, Ms. Joyce Ann Valdez, led as to experience, in one of the most challenging subjects in the study of Customs Administration. The CUS04 – Freight Forwarding and Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier, Ms. Valdez, who we, her students consider as an excellent teacher, with passion and dedication to her chosen vocation, recognizes CUS04 as her most favorite Customs Subject. We never thought that this day will be one of the toughest days we will ever encounter “so far”, in our college life.

This journey starts on an ordinary Thursday morning, February 28, 2013 at Gordon College. A day which we thought to be an exciting day for us since Ms. Valdez is coming and we can hear again some new knowledge and extra-ordinary stories which is related to customs subject. By the way, she is also a good conversant and possesses an extraordinary humor. But to our surprise, today is a day that turned out to be beyond the usual days, it was indeed a different story. She then instructed us, her students to go to the Logistics Companies in Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) to make a research of their profiles. It was like a “thunder and lightning in the middle of a sunny day that strikes us.”

At first we thought that it is only one of her jokes but we later realized that she’s serious when she told us that we really need to complete the activity as a final requirement in her subject and to make us know and distinguish different Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies regarding their Philippine Shippers Bureau ( PSB ) accreditation, as well as on what category such company belongs. Majority of the class, asked “why do we need to do that since she already discussed the lesson regarding those companies”; but she replied, “For you to know the difference of just staying inside the classroom and exploring the actual field of your future practice, as well as to be exposed with the duties and responsibilities and activities in the actual scenario in the practice of being customs brokers”. The students are delighted with this approach but some hesitated for they were aware that it really takes a lot of guts and confidence to fulfill what we are told to do so. One thing more, some are thinking of the possible expenses that they will shell out to conduct this activity. Leaved with no choice but as well with undeniable excitement, we then tried to think of plans and hypothesis on how we can conserve the time given to us and so to lessen the expenses to incur. We immediately went to kuya Joel’s place to make a brief planning. By the use of the available resources, particularly the internet, we then tried to search for the different logistics companies affiliated within the premises of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), we made a progress but almost all of it got failed because most of contact details that we have browsed on-line were changed. Even some of it don’t know longer exist, otherwise relocated. Moreover, some companies that we called were in busy operations for the fact that this day is the cut-off of shipments to be shipped for the month of February. Leaving the company staffs with a lot of paper works and to stay focused on the e-mails they were receiving. But the first “short” planning became complicated that it takes more than an hour of our time. We tried a different approach, to visit them personally with the address that they have on our list. We gathered all the information such as names and addresses, contact persons and some other available information regarding their profiles so we can have some background. It is like preparing yourself from war. We that when...
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