Unethical Practices in Gov't vs Private Sector

Topics: Property, Corporate governance, Organization Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Answers to “Abilidad” questions:

1.I personally do not believe that it has become inevitable for businesses that managers or owners cultivate the “abilidad” or techniques bordering the unethical to achieve revenue objectives.

Lucky as I am, currently I am a member of an organization who signed an integrity pledge for good corporate governance. Our mandate is to declare the correct taxes at the proper time and authority. In this case, it was never hard for us to compute and pay the correct amount of taxes to the BIR and other agencies . . . no buts and no second thoughts. There were cases however that we experienced being pressured by an employee of registry of deeds to pay P 3,000 to facilitate immediate release of our property title (transferred from previous owner to our company). We badly needed the title at that time for tax declaration deadline but we opted not to give in even to the small amount that the employee is requesting from us.

2.With regards to the second statement, in my personal point of view, it’s true that there are more unethical practices in the government than in private sector. My response was based on the fact that private sector comptrollership function are more concern about the safeguarding of company’s assets and as such systems and controls are in place to somehow mitigate these unethical practices if not totally eliminate it. This is the reason why organizations have controllers who ensures that controls and systems are in place. Organizations also have internal auditors who check time and again if existing controls are working. This in on top of the usual checking of company controls by the external auditors. Government agencies supposedly are subjected as well to these controls and monitoring, however for some reason, this function of the government do not seem to do well resulting to corruptions left and right while none of these violators are charged or punished. My position as an assistant comptroller...
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