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Unesco itself and the World Heritage List

TeacherMr. E. van Rooij
Date6 March, 2012
StudentWessel Ennik
Class4V2, Mendelcollege Haarlem

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
In this chapter my motivation for choosing my subject, UNESCO, will we explained as well as my research question and the associated sub-questions, the process of making these questions will also be explained.

Finding a topic was not a difficult task, but formulating your research question and sub-question was easier said than done, I think, formulating a research question was the most difficult task of the whole assignment. When you finally got a research question, only then you could start writing this paper.

1.1. Motivation
Finding a topic was the first step of this assignment. After some time I had finally found my topic, I decided to do my paper about UNESCO, because I was curious about this organization. I go a lot on holiday, and every time I visit an amazing site, which is on the world heritage list such as Prague, Salzburg and the Kremlin in Moscow, then I really want to find out, why we have an organization such as UNESCO and why do we need UNESCO? By writing this paper and by looking for information, hopefully I will get a lot of my questions answered.

1.2. Research Question
Formulating a research question was a difficult task, especially for me. While I was doing some research on the internet, I formulated my research question, some time later I changed my research question until I found it a perfect research question. My ultimate research questions is: ‘Why do we have a world heritage list of UNESCO and does Europe profit from it?’

1.3. Sub Questions
In order to answer my research question I have formulated three sub questions.

For the start of my research I want to know, what the world heritage list is and what is meant by; “UNESCO”?. Therefore, my first sub-question is: “What is the World Heritage List and what is meant by UNESCO?”

What does UNESCO do, and why do we have UNESCO? Therefore my second sub question is: Why do we have or need UNESCO? And in what ways does UNESCO help us?

The third and final thing I want to know whether we, Europeans, profit or not from this organization, UNESCO. This has led to my last sub-question: “What are the profits and the negative effects of the World Heritage List?”

This has led to the following sub questions:
1. What is the World Heritage list and what is meant by UNESCO? 2. Why do we have or need UNESCO?
3. What are the profits and negative effects of the World Heritage List? 2. The meaning of “UNESCO” and “The World Heritage List” In this chapter it will be explained what the name “UNESCO” means and what the World Heritage list really is.

2.1. Meaning of UNESCO1
Where does UNESCO stand for? Well, UNESCO is an abbreviation for The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization. This is an organization, which works to create good conditions for civilizations and cultures based upon respect for commonly shared values. UNESCO organizes missions and activities, so that the world can achieve visions of sustainable development covering the observance of human rights, respect and the alleviation of poverty.

The mission of UNESCO is to contribute to the building of peace, the elimination of poverty and sustainable development. The things the organization focuses on in particular are Africa and gender equality.

2.2. The World Heritage List2
The World Heritage List is a list with protected world cultural and natural heritage, concerning the most outstanding examples of humanity’s cultural achievements, such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. The world’s greatest natural treasures include the Great Barrier Reef and the Galápagos Islands.

The world Heritage list was introduced by UNESCO during the World Heritage Convention in 1972, when...

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