Unemploymeny Among Graduate Student

Topics: Employment, Higher education, Malay language Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Researchers have voiced that higher education institutions, the job market and the needs of the labor market for graduates are different in comparison to twenty years ago. The labor market is now less predictably changing is more rapidly and is more competitive. As a result, some graduates face difficulties in finding jobs. A survey done by the University Putra Malaysia, UPM found out that most of the employers in Malaysia place a high emphasis on English communication ability in considering fresh graduates for employment. The fact that many of them cannot converse well in English has contributed to redundancy of graduates who often finding themselves disillusioned after being rejected by employers, one after another. The issue of unemployment among fresh graduates is not new and has been lingering around for years. More than 50,000 graduates out there are currently stranded without jobs, and the number is set to increase in the near future. In the survey, good command of English became the second most important criteria, after critical thinking ability. Both of these two top attributes will make the employee an asset to the organization, and with the mastery of the two skills, they will go far in the career, and the marketability will multi-fold after few years of employment. Other key important criteria that would further help graduates in the job market include their soft skill ability e.g. conveying message communication), as well as an enhanced IT skills and knowledge. The survey was spearheaded by the UPM’s alumni center, and was assisted by some 4,000 graduates who recently finished their studies. All the employers interviewed in the study underlined that they seek employees With speaking and writing skills in English. These abilities are vital characteristics of employees, as they have to communicate with clients who are mostly from abroad.

Malay language skills are not seen as being equally important. However, the employer from retailing state that...
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