Unemployment in Uae

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This paper demonstrates and discusses the subject of high unemployment in UAE, also the reasons behind it from different resources. Further the solution and the recommendation


United Arab Emirates is one of GCC members which suffer unemployment increase since the early country development time of the 70th of the past century. According to the (C.I.A The World Factbook, n.d.) the unemployment rate for the United Arab Emirates is 2.1%; with roughly 32.6% of Emirati men and 47.7% of women out of work. This is based on a study conducted in 2006 from a poll of 4,800 U.A.E nationals of working age. To break it down even further, 73.8% among those aged between 18-29 were unemployed. 18.6% of individuals aged between 30-39 were unemployed. 30.1% of individuals with a University degree were unemployed. Those of who are educated at the secondary school level constituted a 35.8% unemployment. This paper addresses and discusses the topic through several resources emerging the situation of unemployment in UAE based on statistics gathered since 2001 till 2010. Furthermore this paper spots and focuses on the associated reasons which are considered as root cause and the effective solution.

(Muawia E. Ibrahim, 2004) wrote about the fluctuation of the unemployment among UAE nationals despite of the attractive offers in both public and private sector. Till 2002, 29900 nationals were registered as unemployed in addition to 12600 in 2003. In 2001& 2002, 7124 national was graduated from university; this increment in the number of university graduates influenced the phenomena of the unemployment in UAE to score 35% of the total number 29900. According to the planning ministry statistics only 9% of the total workforce was occupied by UAE nationals in 2003 and this situation referred to the incompatibility of academic training and market requirements. The increase of the theoretical than practical academic disciplines graduates is one reason behind this phenomenon; however the market demands the technological and professional field. The gap between the academic institution and the employment institution caused students to wrongly select their studying major which is not required by the market. Because of the deterioration in the standards of students in mathematics, English and Arabic, also lacking basic study skills, research ideas and personal abilities made the university and the higher colleges of technology to spend money on training newly admitted student in order for them to become educated with new academic life requirements. Accordingly, recommendation raised to the concerned institutions to cooperate in prescribing syllabus so that students are well prepared and capable of carrying on with their studies in higher education institution. Also, recommended strong and closer coordination between higher education institutions to design academic programmes that are aligned with the labour market demand. Ultimately the concept of the training students during college period is important to improve the employment relationships.

(Elsa Baxter, 2009) clearly emphasis on unemployment among UAE nationals at its highest level since the country was founded 38 years ago, with more than 40,000 Emiratis out of work. According to the National human Resources Development and Recruitment (Tanmia) the UAE was suffering unemployment crisis, which will continue to rise unless action is taken. While the local unemployment rate on an influx of expatriate labour and the failure of plans to create more jobs for locals. The UAE society like other Gulf societies is suffering from an article published by the Abu Dhabi based Emirates centre for Strategic Studies and research. Further, the unemployment rate among UAE nationals peaked at 13 percent at the end of 2008. The same rate for expatriates was just 2.6 percent. Despite of the numerous efforts by the UAE government to...

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