Unemployment Essay

Topics: Finance, Licentiate, Master's degree Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 19, 2013
For the two career websites, I choose Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com. When I was on both websites looking for a job I noticed that on Monster.com there weren't as many job listings as CareerBuilder.com, in addition Monster.com didn't have as many options to narrow down specific job titles or certain companies like CareerBuilder.com had. Also while comparing the two websites I noticed that in Monster.com the descriptions for the job titles didn't have as much information as CareerBuilder.com had. Overall I think that both websites are great websites to look for jobs, however I would suggest that if someone is looking for a job and already knows what job title they want and what companies they want to work for, then I suggest that they use CareerBuilder.com, because it would save them sometime and make looking for a specific job title or company easier.

The three career choices that I feel would fit my post- graduation goal would be a financial analysts, a personal financial advisors, or a treasurers. A financial analysts is someone that works for a business and their job is to help the business or their clients in decision making when it comes to investments. For this career choice I would need to have a bachelor's degree in either accounting, finance, or business administration, however if I have master's in business administration I would be more desirable to this specific job. The average salary for this career would be around $58,000 a year plus benefits and bonuses it would average to about $73,600 a year.

Another career that would fit my post-graduation goal would be becoming a personal financial advisor. A personal financial advisor would use their knowledge of tax laws, investments, and insurance to help the client or business in financial options that would help them in either a short or long term goal. Most personal financial advisors either have an accounting, finance, or law degree making their opportunities for the job greater. Financial...
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