Unemployment and United States

Topics: Unemployment, Household income in the United States, Economy of the United States Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: September 11, 2013

Economic Critique
Learning Team A
August 28, 2013

Maintaining a stable economy is no small challenge for any nation however possessing the ability to change and invent new and created ways of maintaining makes for a thriving economy. This newsletter will summarize the different economic factors that affect aggregate demand and supply such as unemployment, expectations, consumer income, and interest rates within the United States. Additionally, what fiscal policies are recommended by the United States government and whether or not these policies are effective and getting them back on track are discussed. Unemployment

In the current state of unemployment as of July 2013, twenty eight states have had increases, eight states decreases, and fourteen states have had no change in unemployment rates, U.s. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013). It was also reported that in June 2012 the rate was lower by .8 percent from 7.4 percent. While unemployment rates started to shoot to a high not seen in years, in 2008, the economy almost went into a recession. After President Obama took office he signed the Recovery Act in 2009. This act was the catalyst that sprung the economy out of its downward spiral and drove unemployment rates down. The act created more American jobs for out-of-work Americans bringing in 3.5 million jobs, Executive Office of the President (2013). Unemployment is consistently fluctuating and as of recently, the rates have been going down. Due to the government bail-outs and the Reinvestment Act also of 2009, more and more jobs have been created. Construction, road repairs, transit system enhancements and the auto industry in the U.S. have been invested in to restore jobs to the country. As of July 2013 some 7 million jobs have been added to the economy via private sectors contribution of employment for a span of 40 months. This just goes to show that the Recovery Act and the Reinvestment Act have made a sizable impact positively on...

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