Topics: Employment, Tax refund interception, Unemployment Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in America’s economy today, although the number of unemployment has increased in the America economy. As the government talk about increase jobs opportunity, that may not be the solution to solve the problem of unemployment, due to the fact that most of these problems are caused by the individuals themselves, because most companies run background and credit report check before employing individual. This is to reduce hiring a person with the potential to be legal liability to the firm. A lot of employers terminate wage garnishment of any kind, like owing the company, college, the state, debt collection agency and etc. Most of the causes are companies do not want to become a part of an employee’s personal financial business and they don’t want to write check to employees and debtors that is a lot of paper work , the companies want hire a qualified person for long term basis. There are so many effects of unemployment if the employee is terminated due to wage garnishment, then the problem worsen because if the person is unemployed then how can he or she make an effort to take care of this child and pay the debtors. The government cannot solve the problem of unemployment no matter what, if we don’t help the government as individuals. Everyone has financial problems at one or more times in life but we should know how to solve them. Once the debtor determines that you are not willing to pay back the money by making written payment agreement as soon as you start working then you are offended. Tell your employer the wage garnishment before they come to your employers or talk to your supervisor. I agree with the author and I think the solution is practical, fair and relevant. People should stop putting all the blame on the government about unemployment.
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