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By EmmyDaku1 Apr 27, 2013 666 Words
“Business studies” A TOOL TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA. Definition of unemployment
Unemployment is define as a situation in which person of working age, able and willing to work are unable to find paid employment. Which results to joblessness, an unemployment can be simple explained as a situation whereby, people who are available, capable of working and qualified by age to work but could not find job (employment). Unemployment has done so many harms to Nigeria youths, which result or propelled them to embark on criminal activities such as; armed robbery, car snatching, and cyber-crime etc. other obnoxious activities are; prostitution, child labour and ritual activities. And all these retract growth and development of a country (economic, political, social sectors etc.). These are few types of unemployment: A.STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT: This occurs as a result of changing a production pattern due to the fall in demand for the product of the industry. This leads to retrenchment of workers. B.FRICTIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT: It is caused by changes in the technique of production. Here, machineries are used to replace human effort. And by so doing workers are been remove from their work. C.RESIDUAL UNEMPLOMENT: This is the type of unemployment that faces people who have physical or mental deficiency (disabilities). D.SEASONAL UNEMPLOYMENT: Some economic activities such as; farming, fishing, hunting etc. Depends on seasonal changes E.g. Farming during the rainy season while during the dry season farmer are unemployed. To work but only that they cannot find job. It is the opposite of voluntary unemployment. E.INVOLUNTARY UNEMPLOYMENT: Here, the people that experience this kind of unemployment actually want * CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT

A.INADEQUATE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: The educational system practiced by most developing countries are inadequate as special attention is paid to paper qualification to the detriment of job creation B.LACK OF INDUSTRIAL GROWTH: Most developing countries do not have industries that are capable of employing enough workers. This leads to unemployment. C.HIGH COST OF EDUCATION: As a result of the high cost of acquiring education, May not find it difficult to go to school and so end up with low paper qualification, Which may not permit them to get good employment. D.OVER POPULATION: When a country’s population is too high, it tends to produce many workers and such workers may not have work to do. Thereby leading to unemployment. It difficult to go to school as they ought to go, and so, end up with low paper qualification, which may not permit them to get good employment. E.POOR DEVELPOMENT PLANS: Government does not normally put in place proper development plans that can create employment opportunities or take care of the unemployment of the youth in Nigeria * CONSEQUENCES OF UNEMPLOYMENT

A.INCREASE IN CRIME RATE: When there are a large number of unemployment persons, it is usually leads to increase in crime rate such as; armed robbery, car snatching, hired assassination etc. in a bid to survive. B.REDUCTION IN INVESTMENT: The zeal to invest is always very low when there is a high level of unemployment. C.MIGRATION: When there is unemployment, it usually results in able youths and adults alike moving out of the country to look for jobs in other places. D.WAST OF HUMAN RESOURCES: The time money and energy spent in acquiring degrees and certificates will be wasted and labour is made idle. E.HIGH RATE OF DEPENDENCY: The level of dependency will increase as a result of unemployment. * SOLUTION OF UNEMPLOYMENT

A.INDUSTRIALISATION: Government should establish many industries that can employ many youths in Nigeria. B.POPULATION CONTROL: Population should be controlled to obtain level, so as to match the human population with available natural resource. C. RE-DESIGNING EDUCATION SYSTEM: The education system should be re-designed to graduate youth that are able to create employment. D.PROPER DEVERLOPMENT PLANS: Proper development plans should be put in place to cater for people who are unemployed.

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