Underwater Wireless Communication

Topics: Microwave, Heinrich Hertz, Light Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Underwater Wireless Communication

Points I want to cover in this Seminar Paper

Acoustic Communication and Optical Communication
Acoustic Waves and Optical Waves
Use of Light and Sound
Electromagnetic (EM) Waves Propagation
Pros and Cons
UANs (Underwater Acoustic Networks)
UWCNs (Underwater Wireless Communication Networks)
AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
USNs (Underwater Sensor Networks)
UWSNs (Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks)
UW-ASNs (Underwater Wireless – Acoustic Sensor Networks)
Physical, Mac (Data Link) and Application Layer
Application or Devices
Networking Protocols
MAC Protocol, Routing Protocol, Transport Layer Protocol and Cross Layer Protocol Securing
Authentication, Availability, Vulnerability, Threat, Defense, etc.

Synopsis (Rough Draft)
Every living Human on the planet Earth knows that Earth’s two-third is only water and other one-third is landmass. With today fast moving trends and technology, Humans have come to liking wireless technology. People have covered land, sky and space with this wireless technology, so what’s left now? Water, is left now. With the active research going on now for nearly a decade we have come up with underwater wireless communications.

Underwater Communication is done with help of light and sound i.e., via, optical and Acoustic waves. This type of communications is known as optical and acoustic communications. Both acoustic and optical waves have their own advantages and disadvantages. To come unscathed from this emerged the use of electromagnetic waves which made the underwater wireless communication work with electromagnetic waves propagation.

Since this communication is quite intriguing to researchers, it has also attracted researchers from the various other fields too like military, industry and most probably the academics. This attention to Underwater Wireless has also compromised its security at many levels. This kind of...
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