Understanding a Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry

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Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

There are nine essential components to build a healthy youth ministry. The effective youth ministry begins with the “Power of God.” Following God, “purpose” or a common goal, have a potential audience, programs intended for the growth of the youth, have a process, planned values that will help the process. The ministry must see parents and participating leaders as an essential ingredient to the successful youth ministry. Finally perseverance is needed to fight the good fight. All of these nine components are what makes a good youth ministry strong.

“Healthy youth ministries have spiritually healthy leaders.” Flashy programs are nice but not the way to go. It is more important for the youth to have a healthy relationship with God. God does not need some glitz and lights for his ministry to work. He can take all my inadequacies and use them for his good. I just have to give it to him and let him lead me through the ministry.

There are five purposes for youth ministry. If the five purposes lay the foundation of the youth ministry, the ministry will become a purpose-driven youth ministry. The five purposes are Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Ministry.

A youth minister will only have an affective purpose-driven ministry if he knows his potential audience. When he/she knows who he is trying to reach, he can develop a program to address the needs of the audience. An audience not attending church is an audience living apart from Christ. An audience attending church but not committed is an audience who are hearing about Christ. Both audiences are important but have differing needs.

Once the minister understands the audience, he can then work on the program of his ministry. These must be tailored to meet the needs of the audience. Programs are about the relationships first. You can’t reach students without having a relationship with them. The program needs to be new and fresh. The...
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