Understanding Work Related Injuries

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Understanding Work Related Injuries
Felecia Burse
October 3, 2012
Benita Fisher

Workers compensation is insurance that a employer provides coverage for employees who have suffered an injury or illness resulting from job related duties, the coverage include medical and rehabilitation cost and loss of wages, the insurance can be purchased from a licensed insurance company by the employer, if a employee dies because of a work related injury or illness those considered to be dependants of the employee would receive benefits. The Workers Compensation Claim process starts when a worker is injured on-the- job, and the employer is informed, the employer must inform the insurance company and state workers compensation about the incident in writing, after the employer has reported the incident he/she will receive notification to take the injury party to a doctor that provide medical care for the injury or illness. The healthcare provider is chosen by the employer or insurance carrier, if the employee for any reason refused to see the doctor chosen, there are chances the claim will not be paid, and the employee must find first aid or care for their injuries as-soon-as-possible. Everyone involved have a responsibility to make sure all the necessary steps are followed in filing a claim to ensure that the injured employee get care, and the employer is covered from all mishaps just in case something goes wrong with the workers compensation claim. When a claim is filed and accepted by the workers compensation committee which authorizes benefit payments to be paid by the employer, within thirty days the claim an award is issued or the claim is placed before a hearing to be contested or further reviewed, the next step is the benefit phase for accepted claims, this involved medical treatment and pay compensation for loss of pay. The benefits could be paid voluntarily or through entitlement contest. The workers will receive maximum medical...

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