Understanding Underdevelopment

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Chapter 1 Discussion Questions
Understanding Underdevelopment
Yolanda Rochelle Boozer
Dr. Michael Otaigbe
Sociology of Developing Countries – SOC-300
July 10, 2012

Chapter 1 Discussion Questions
Understanding Underdevelopment

1. If you wish to examine dependency theory’s value in explaining the causes of underdevelopment, how would you design a test of that theory?
In this type of experiment I think the best way to collect as much information as possible is to first find an experiment group and a control group so the effects of an independent variable on a dependent variable. I would make up question that use survey techniques with random and stratified random samples. There are two kinds of observations I would used, one would be participant observation or unobtrusive observation. There are others that can be used as well, one is called archival research and feminist methodology, but these are not the one I would like to use. I would make a hypothesis, create an operational definition, finding out what kind of research design, gathering data, analyzing it, and from these finding gather a conclusions (Hughes, Kroehler, Vander Zanden, 2002). 2. Pick one region of the Third World (Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, or the Middle East) and discuss the relationship between social, economic, and political underdevelopment in that region.
Latin America is an area illustrates tremendous riches and absolute lack in nation after nation. Theorists have point out one of the cause to be the nineteenth and early twentieth century example of political and economic growth as Latin America was attached to the nations of the supposed First World, implying Europe and the United States. One of these factors in these observations is dependency. Dependency supplied a means of understanding the connection involving the First World and developing countries such as those of Latin America both during and after

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