Understanding Ultimate Reality

Topics: Bible, Christianity, 2003 singles Pages: 3 (1235 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Has your perception / understanding of Ultimate Reality (or absence thereof) changed over the course of your life?

My simple answer to this question would be, “Yes”. Just as with other things that transpire in our lives, we change our views, reactions, etc based on these circumstances that arise in our lives. I would have to say that what I was taught about God was that he existed, that you don’t play with him, and that we HAD to pray every night before bed. As far as any extensive explanation, it didn’t happen. My beliefs are truly based on being introduced to church and the bible, but mostly on my eagerness to question things that just didn’t seem right to me around the religion I was being taught in comparison to the actions of my fellow Christians. I became a member and was baptized at my current church in 1976 when I was a young child. Looking back, I realize that I joined the church because I saw my mother doing it. After attending church for many years, my membership afforded me a great support system and some lifelong friendships were formed.

Now, moving ahead to my adult years; I strayed from the church because of politics and business as usual attitudes. It appeared to me that people were not open to change or new ideas. Members were judgmental of the youth because of their attire or if someone came to church drunk you would see the stares. It was my understanding (taught by these same people who looked down their noses at these people) that GOD is a merciful GOD and a forgiving GOD. I also didn’t or couldn’t understand why no one was reaching out to these people. So many people today are turned off by the church or so called Christians because of these prejudices; so, if a person only has one pair of pants or maybe a little hung-over, they should miss out on an opportunity to possibly hear an Iife changing message? These are questions that each us claiming to serve GOD or a higher being needs to ask ourselves. If everyone’s lives...
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