Understanding Truancy Problem from Various Perspectives

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1.0:Statement of the Problem2
2.0:Motives and Goals6
3.0:Research Question and Objectives6
4.0:Literature Review7
5.0:Research Strategies10
7.0:Data Sources, Types, and Forms13
8.0:Selection of Data Sources13
9.0:Data Collection and Timing14
10.0:Data Reduction and Analysis14
11.0:Problems and Limitation19
12.0: Conclusion20
13.0: References25
14.0: Interview Question27
Truancy or absenteeism has been a common problem faced by many schools in Malaysia whether they are urban or rural. It is also considered as a disciplinary problem that has been going on for years. Truancy or absenteeism has emerged as one of the disciplinary problems with the highest number of students involved. The Star published a report entitle “Plantation ‘lepak’ spot for truants” dated 26th February 2009 reported that an oil palm plantation, believed to be a popular hangout of students who play truant and indulge in unhealthy activities. The students frequented the spot to sniff glue and drink beer. The plantation is not only frequented by the students but also by other teenagers for immoral activities. A local daily newspaper, The News Strait Times dated 20th June 2009 published a report on truancy stating that there were 21,000 truancy cases nationwide in 2008 and the ministry had been taking preventive measures to deal with the issue. The Education Ministry wants to take a holistic approach in dealing with truancy in view of the increasing number of students involved and they would also review a proposal to delay final examinations to prevent students from cutting school. Meanwhile, The Star dated 28th June 2008 reported that there were thirty secondary students from four schools in George Town were nabbed for playing truant at a cyber cafe in Bukit Jambul. The Sungai Nibong police station raided the cafe after receiving numerous complaints from the public about students playing truant there. The students, aged between 14 and 16, were surfing the Internet and playing games when they were picked up. Youths, who are the country's future leaders, should possess a positive self-concept and a good personality. A good and strong education plays an important role in creating a good personality and molding the young generation to become useful citizens who could help in the economic, social, cultural and political development of the nation. However, nowadays they have been trapped in the web of social ills. As a risk factor, they has been found to be involve to substance abuse, gang activity, and involvement in criminal activities such as burglary, theft and vandalism. Truancy has become a major problem that negatively influences the future of our youth and this problem is serious as there is a tendency for those involved in petty crimes to become criminals in the future. Schools, teachers and parents are seeking effective ways to deal with students who are habitually truant and to prevent truancy. The problem is so complex, that we need to work together to reduce the problem of truancy. To arrive at effective solutions, teachers and parents should be sensitive to this problem. With reference to the above statement, what are the approaches and what needs to be done to effectively impact truancy? One of the best ways to approach this problem is by school policy documents. School policy documents are a key weapon in the school’s preventative approach to non-attendance. The creation and implementation of a policy document can be used to focus attention and create positive attitudes among the students towards regular attendance. Besides, it also highlights the importance of the school as a caring organization and help to create a positive school ethos.

School policy documents need to be both coherent and consistent. Coherence refers...

In a report published by the Discipline Unit, School Division, Ministry of Education (1994), truancy is the top disciplinary problem in schools
(b) Family factor
• Family health or financial concerns that may put pressure on the student to be absent in order to help the family (Reid, 1999).
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