Understanding the Psychology of Personality

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Week 1 ~ DQ #1
Why might understanding the psychology of personality be a valuable tool?
It is important to understand the psychology of personality because ultimately, our personalities govern the way people react to us. It also helps us to understand different personality traits which can help us identify specific strengths and weaknesses. Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses and identifying others can enable us to apply managerial styles that can influence a more productive working environment. Understanding personality traits enables us to us specific skills to help motivate and communicate with those around us.

Specific to my work environment, understanding the multitude of different personalities enables me to work more efficiently because it allows me to communicate differently to different individuals in order to achieve my goals more fluidly. The drawback is that it can often be taxing to switch communication styles from one person to the next.

Week 1 ~ DQ #2
Are individuals born with personality, or do personalities develop over time? Explain your answer.

I believe that we are all born with specific personalities that we grow in to over time. I do not believe that anyone can easily change their personality permanently, but different personality characteristics can be exploited and further developed-not necessarily “changed.” I think that changing your personality is often confused with changing your behaviors. As we age, we obviously mature. Our knowledge of the world increases and we learn from our experiences, changing and shaping our behavior in the future. But that isn’t changing our personality. Connor (2009) wrote “scientists suggest that children are not only born with a given personality type, but they develop anatomically different brains as a result of being that sort of person. It raises the prospect of being able to test a young child's future personality by viewing the anatomy of their brain with a hospital scanner.”...

References: Connor, S. (2009). The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved from http://www.nzherald.co.nz/science/news/article.cfm?c_id=82&objectid=10566320
Week 1 ~ DQ #3
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