Understanding the Issues of Young People Who are Socially Excluded

Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Unit 60
Understand the issues affecting young people who are socially excluded or excluded from school 1.1
Explain the issues that may affect young people who are excluded, including access to services or amenities, crime or anti-social behaviour, isolation or stigmatisation Social exclusion is the obstacle put in the way of some children which can stop those gaining positive outcomes in their lives. By failing to sort the issues out early enough in the child life may lead to further problems in adult life. Children can become social excluded for many reasons. Their families’ background, religion, discrimination and general lifestyle can affect how others see a child. Children in care are often socially excluded or labelled as “kids in care” automatically and this label often follows them through to adult life. Looked after children may become stigmatised and isolated from many other children as some parents don’t want their children mixing with children in care. Due to backgrounds children in care often display anti-social due to their behavioural and attachments issues behaviour which may follow into adulthood in crime and prison. By socially excluding a child from school their education becomes limited, they lose social interaction with their school peers, have no structure of the school day, lose all school discipline and become unable to fully engage with the school process.

Explain the potential effects of exclusion on the health, safety and wellbeing of these young people Every child matter states that every child has the right to being healthy, staying safe and having economic wellbeing. However, a child being socially excluded or being excluded from school will negatively impact on a child’s health, safety and wellbeing. A child’s quality of life may suffer and their health and safety may be put in jeopardy. A child’s wellbeing has a close association with positive family relationships. An excluded child can feel shut out by society...
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