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Effective workplace communication is essential to any company success. When management cannot communicate their expectations to workers or workers cannot communicate their needs to management, the workforce will not be a cohesive team. In my opinion we can describe communication in few simple stages like: Planning - first of all we have to create the message, this requires from us to plan what we want to say, what message we want to pass and how we will communicate this message. Transmission - after or message is created, it must be transmitted. For example it could be simple as meeting with our recipient or phone call when we can orally share our message. Receiving - when person we are talking to is listening

Translation - once message is received, our recipient must translate the message into terms that he can understand. Response and understanding - communication is a two-way process and response is often necessary. Most people recognize that messages can be sent, listened to or read, but this does not guarantee successful communication. It is very important for us to check if our recipient did understand the message.

When we communicate, we are successful in getting our point across to the person we are talking to. Unfortunately there is number of barriers to effective communication.

Most common are physical barriers, they are easy to spot. For example doors that are closed or distance between people. This all work against effective communication. My office is a good example of ‘’open office’’ plan. Each member of my team has his own dedicated work place, but there are no visible barriers between us. This in my opinion encourages greater openness and creates closer working bonds.

Another tough to overcome is emotional barrier. People are often taught to fear the words they say. Overcoming this fear is difficult, but necessary. I strongly believe that way to overcome this barrier is to have full confidence in what we are saying and our...
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