Understanding the Art Project, Running Fence

Topics: Installation art, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Art Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Understanding of Running Fence
After watching the great project-Running Fence, I have changed my appreciation of art. Christo and Jeanne-Claude are outstanding installation artists, and they enlarge people sight of traditional artwork. In this project, a twenty four and a half mile long white silk fence hung up across the hills and extended to sea shore are in California’s Bodega Bay. With Christo and Jeanne’s precise calculation, workers installed staffs within certain distances, and used strings to connect each staffs. The silk curtain pieces were fixed for the both ends. In this project, Christo and Jeanne faced insurmountable challenges. Firstly, constructing such huge installation artwork need to invest sufficient money for this project. Funds for hiring installers and for various materials are high to spend. Unlike paintings and sculptures, collectors will not pay for it. Secondly, area planning is another main difficulty. Silk is both soft and light, so it can definitely display more comfortable and flexible advantage than other material. Although it dries out quickly, the weather of raining needs to be concerned. California is one of states in United State having the nice weather that will be the best selection for extending the display time. And the mist from sea flows back and forth that leads the fence will be constantly appearing and disappearing. Thirdly, the landscape of sea shore area is full of sags and crests, this problem created difficulties to transport the materials by trucks, helicopters became the main transport for the project. Fourthly, Christo and Jeanne need to get the support from the local people in their project area. Artists are full of passion, dreams and ideas. Not all of people will appreciate of their creative and intelligence artworks. A tendency toward co-operation is main factor to achieve success for the project. At the beginning of project, private land owners did not understand the purpose for such artwork....
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