Understanding Strategical Management in Different Views

Topics: Philippines, High school, Academia Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: June 25, 2013
June 20, 2013
Position, UP High Batch ’84 Alumni Association
Cebu City


I am Ivan Lou C. Allego, a sophomore B.S. Management Student at the University of the Philippines – Cebu. I have enjoyed the privilege of the monthly stipend provided by your institution during my first year in college. To this, I am most sincerely grateful. The grant has supported me in ways I cannot even begin to describe. And I am indebted to the support you have given me throughout the past school year. It is indeed very unfortunate that this support has been put on hold due to my lack of commitment to the scholarship program. I am truly very sorry for not carrying the responsibility that this privilege has put on my shoulders – the same responsibility I would have been able to fulfil had I been more focused on my academic standing rather than on co-curricular matters that I had blindly placed much of my attention to. I prioritized my candidacy for a position in the student council more than the grades I had to maintain for my scholarship. I am already taking measures to make up for my lapses, especially with regard to my INC mark in a certain subject. It is sad to note that learning from my mistake came at such a very high cost. Ma’am, I write to most respectfully ask for the reconsideration of the action you have done with regard to my current situation. I know that it was a failure on my part to keep my share of the responsibility, but I hope that you see the value in having to learn from one’s past wrongdoings. I am asking for a second chance to regain what I have lost – the opportunity to not only support myself, but to also aid my family in its endeavour to send me to college. I value greatly the trust your institution has given to me and I would very much want to be given the chance to earn it once again. I hope that you see the sincerity in my words. And I am very much looking forward to hearing a kind response from you. Thank you and...
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