Understanding Personal Competencies

Topics: Management, Skill, Competence Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Understanding Personal Competencies
Canetra Bradford
Management 521
March 4, 2013
Stephanie Edens

Understanding Personal Competencies
Developing a career plan will help me determine my competencies. Understanding personal competencies will help me become a better communicator and manager. This could lead to changing my communication techniques to work with the different functioning area of health care. According to the Career Plan Activity, I am competent in delivering results, coping with pressure, goal focus, entrepreneurial thinking, organizing, and logical thinking. Understanding these competencies will help me become a better manager because I know I possess different skills that allow me to keep workers motivated, stay on task with a minimal amount of distractions, and make sure they have tools needed to meet the organizations goals. As well as allow my workers to be free thinkers and voice their opinion or suggestions, make sure goals are met, thoroughly describe and explain task that need completion, and work under pressure. I think understanding the competencies above will help me become a better communicator by making me aware of the interpersonal skills I consume and the communication skills that need improvement. In fact, that is what I learned the most from the career plan activity. I would rather knowhow I can improve in some of the weaker areas to enhance my managerial skills while continuing to work on my strengths. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses at work is not easy. If you want to develop your skills and competence … it's worth taking the time to assess yourself as honestly and thoroughly as you can. Being honest with yourself about your weaknesses is more challenging. (How to, 2008)

To change my communication techniques to work in the different functioning areas of health care I need to listen, seek feedback, know and understand my audience. An example of this is the difference in presentation styles you...

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Key to connecting with your audience is knowing what keeps them up at night. (2012, Oct 17). National Post. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1113486641?accountid=35812
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