Understanding Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Topics: Israel, Lebanon, Jordan Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 14, 2010
Ericka Booze
Professor Hughes
English 360
18 March 2010
Understanding Palestinian Suicide Bombers
To most of us understanding the idea that one would want to give and take a life so effortlessly does not come easy; people who had any hope for the future would not blow themselves up. “Why do Palestinians kill themselves and Israelis in such a horrific way at the bus stops or in a crowded market?” asks Dr. Eyad Sarraj (). Could it be that its part of their religious upbringing and they have been brainwashed, or could it be that there is no other means of fighting back against oppression and humiliation? Try understanding what its like for a people who are simply exhausted, want to go home with, and fed up with all authority that the only way to a piece of paradise is for them to commit such acts of terror. Dr. Eyad Sarraj explains in his article, “Why We Have Become Suicide Bombers” that, “Since the uprooting of Palestinians in 1948 triggered by Irgun Jewish terror under the leadership of Yitzak Shamir and Menachem Begin, we have tried everything.” For more than fifty years Palestinians have had a constant struggle against Israeli military occupation and control. They had their homes reposed and were forced to live in refugee camps with very poor living conditions, constant harassment by security forces or having to go through military checkpoints to purchase basic supplies from the grocery store or before any kind of medical treatment or supplies can be obtained it has to be approved by the Israeli government. Palestinian refugee camps were established after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War to accommodate the Palestine refugees who fled from the war. Many of them felt that it would only be a short stay and they would soon be able to return home. Since then that idea has become grim and hopeless; many generations have grown up without so much as a symbolic hope that they might ever return home. For a short period in the 1977 Israel started a heavily subsidized...
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