Understanding of Australian Healthcare System

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Apply understanding of the Australian Healthcare System.

1.1 – The main principle of Primary Health Care is ‘better health for all’, this is achieved by health promotion and illness prevention. Incorporating this into EN nursing would be to educate clients and assist with autonomous health maintenance. 1.2 – Rehabilitation Centre, Hospital, Nursing Home, General Practitioners Office, Dentist 1.3 - Dietary Requirements of religion/faith, Inability to seek help due to religion/faith, Lack of health services due to environment being culturally influenced, Not having the right to make health-related decision based on gender due to religion/faith, Hesitance to receive medicine or believe in/accept science due to religion/faith. 1.4 - Peer Pressure, Procedures being frowned upon by majority of peers, Fear instilled by media on specific illness and prevention, Accessibility of needed health professions due to surrounding environment, Lack of education on health promotion. 1.5 - Economic impacts of health delivery involve income, employment and affordability of medicines but also nutritious food. Social impacts on health delivery involve superfluous opinions being held in high regard such as people with depression being frowned upon and seen as weak for taking mood-stabilizing medications. Political impacts on health delivery coincide with Economic impacts and stem from politicians providing our PUBLIC funding whilst having no real idea of what needs to be funded. For example, slashing funding to the Royal Children’s Hospital, forcing them to close wards and beds and fire some staff due in unaffordability to have them open and/or working. 1.6 - Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very holistic approach to their clients, by noting their spiritual needs and beings as well as their physical and emotional aspects. I believe by incorporating/considering the spiritual sides of all clients, this may assist us in western nursing in a...
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