Understanding My Own Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries. in Relation to the Teacher Training Cycle.

Topics: Education, Debate, Understanding Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Understanding my own role, responsibilities and boundaries. In relation to the teacher training cycle.

My role involves teaching young apprentices from the ages 17 to 25 within a predetermined college style environment, the students that I teach are interviewed, processed, and accepted on the course via the recruitment section of my department. I have made a point of becoming involved with my colleagues and discussing individuals on a one by one basis, I discuss the process, grades and how applicants have done in functional skills. I question the recruiters on any additional learning needs they may have highlighted, or any concerns they may have I will then record this information for my own use. When I am within the classroom environment I take care to be alert to any signals that may indicate any additional learning needs that may have been missed by the recruitment process or by my discussions with the recruiters. Indicators could be low marks in mock tests, disruptive or distractive behaviour, straining to see. If additional learning needs are highlighted I will endeavour to find any resources available to meet these needs such as the inspiration software to help with projects, I will also signpost any agencies to get any outside help if I feel that I cannot meet there needs, for example the British Dyslexia Association. I always make sure that a student has my total support and understanding also that they do not feel like they are a special case, I feel that it is important for the student to have trust in me and feel that I am approachable. Once the induction process is started my role is to inform the students of the course syllabus I will cover the health and safety aspect and explain the emergency procedures, I will also explain my role and what will be expected of the students. Each member of the team will do a short presentation explaining their roles and responsibilities, and questions from the students will be welcomed throughout. I will normally...
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