Understanding Leadership as a Theory

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AHCP 5305 Leadership in Healthcare Org
W2D1: Understanding Leadership as a Theory
06 June 2012
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The purpose of this essay is to discuss what I have learned by reading this week’s assigned chapter in regards to understanding leadership as a theory. I will discuss the building blocks of “theory”, as well as take a look at the organization in which I work in to take a look at variables that may be used to evaluate the performance of the President of my company. Leadership as a theory in chapter 3 mentions a great story of the janitor at NASA working late because the president had instilled in him a sense of pride that made him want to work late without getting paid. However, when looking at the Anatomy of Theory we find that it can be broken down into specific units, “namely, the theory itself, followed by subordinate constructs, variables, and operationalized measures” (Ledlow, G.R. & Coppola, M.N., 2011). I found my looking at these specific units; it became clearer on how leadership as a theory can be utilized to learn how to become a better leader. I would have to agree that this chapter was too pedantic, in that it seemed to break down things too deep. Within my organization the senior leadership is measured based upon his ability to lead and make tough decisions. Because we are non-profit organization, research, and academic that includes clinics, we must have a leader that understands the many facets of the business. The variables that must be used include knowledge, ability, and skill at a CEO level in order to understand how the college operates. “Given that leadership knowledge comes from several disciplines, it is important to use social science-based methods to provide clarity to the study of leadership” ( Ledlow, G.R. & Coppola, M.N., 2011). I believe that if you look into each aspect of the business, you will find that all these variables mentioned can be placed into each part of the operations.


References: Ledlow, G. R. & Coppola, M.N. (2011). Leadership for Healthcare Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications. Sudbury, Maine: Jones and Bartlett Learning.
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