Understanding Kim Jong Un

Topics: Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize, North Korea Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: March 18, 2016
It’s time for Barack Obama to reassure any doubts about his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and make a final, honest attempt at peace with Kim Jong-un.

Of course, to preserve the safety of Americans and North Koreans, it seems reasonable to assume that any diplomatic measures must still be supported by defense systems and any appropriate military on standby.

Last week, former NBA star Dennis Rodman was chastised by many media outlets for his description of his recent trip to North Korea and his relation with their Dear Leader. "I love him,” said Rodman, “The guy is awesome. He was so honest . . . I don't condone what he does, but as far as a person to person, he's my friend". Rodman even went on to say that Jong-un said, allegedly, that he doesn’t want to go to war, and wanted Rodman to tell Obama to give him a call. It was also widely reported that Rodman has had more contact with Jong-un than anyone from US intelligence agencies).

I myself was quite confused at the backlash resulting from Rodman’s comments. Let me try and defend of one of basketball’s greatest defenders. To me, he seemed to be trying to say that while he may completely oppose many of the things Jong-un does, he (Rodman) understands that while Jong-un may disgust much of the world, Jong-un himself most likely thinks that what he is doing what is right. While Jong-un’s actions may be horrendous to many of us, they are justified, and right, at least to Jong-un.

Jong-un usually gets casts as an “evil” character. However, can someone commit evil acts and do evil things, and be evil if they (the evil dictators) have absolutely no intention of evil, and at least in their mind, they think they are doing good? Without condoning or trivializing anything Kim Jong-un has done here, I for one kind of find it odd to label anyone as an “evil” person, because it seems that much of the time the person being labeled as “evil” believes that they are taking perfectly fine courses of action in. Again, I...
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