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Understand the Work of the Ream

By frankcy Jan 21, 2012 543 Words
Understand the work of the team
Team work is essential for the school curriculum to be taught across the school starting with the head teacher down to the TA. Another benefit of teamwork is that the teacher can divide the work out between the members of the team. This enables the individuals to concentrate on their specific duties that will contribute to the teacher’s lesson plan. This gets the job done faster. Communication / sharing ideas become an important aspect of teamwork, so the whole team can see the class progress steadily to its goals. 3.2

The class teacher’s purpose and objective is for the running of their class and making sure that the national curriculum is delivered and delegate duties to the TAs that are in their class. The TA; s role is to support the teacher in delivering the national curriculum do the tasks set out and deliver feed back 3.3

My role in the class is to help the class teacher. On a Monday I go to Mrs. x, s class and get the children get ready for forest school in a safe manner when the class are ready we sing the forest school song then go in to forest school out the other side and around the running track looking at all the interesting things like plants etc then when we are around the track we play 123 where are you in which the class go away and hide and we shout 123 where are you and they respond with 123 we are over here and then we go and find then the kids love this game , when we get back in to forest school the kids had some paint brushes an were encouraged to write some simple words with wet mud on decorators backing paper or on any think that wanted to write on within reason once the activities were over we packed up spades and buckets rakes and the rest of the stuff and put them safely away and get the washed and changed ready for dinner In the afternoon session anther teacher comes in to the class and my role was then to take groups of 4 kids and do phonics with them this consisted of the class teacher giving me recourses which were A4 pieces of laminated paper letters on and I would sound out a letter and they would have to find that letter, anther activity was another piece of A4 laminated paper with pictures on they would have a letter on the top and the kids would have to find the items on the paper starting with that letter normally 4 items , then we play I spy I would 4 items on the table sound out the word and ask them which item they thought it would be after that it was time to get them ready for home. 3.4

When working in a team I always respect my colleges and opines if I don’t respect their opines how can I expect them to listen to me, almost all my colleagues have a lot more experience than myself and would be able to offer me good advice in situations I have had no experience of.

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