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Understand the Importance of E-Safety for Children and Young People

By mariamustgo Jan 17, 2013 568 Words
Understand the importance of e-safety for children and young people

|ISSUES |RISKS |POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES | |Being online |Theft of personal data |Computer criminals can use the data to spy on or blackmail users, hijack their online accounts (including bank | | | |accounts), spread rumours, or operate under the victim's identity. | | | | | | | |Children could witness websites that may contain violence, adult language or graphic sexuality. | | |Exposure to inappropriate content | | | | |Children can be lured, blackmailed, abused or kidnapped by the predator in the real world. | | | | | | |Adults pretending to be minors to establish a close relationship | | | |with a young web user | | |Mobile phone |Latest technology phones |Loss of mobile phone through theft (mugging or assault.) | | | | | | |Health risks |The Department of Health issues guidelines on the use of mobile phones by young people under 16. This is because the| | | |head and nervous system are still developing in the teenage years and so children are more vulnerable than adults. | | | |Children under 16 should be discouraged from non-essential calls. | | | | | | | |The UK Chief Medical Officer has advised parents not to let children use mobile phones. | | | | | | | |Abusive phone calls, text or picture messages, embarrassing or violent videos. | | | | | | | | | | |Cyberbullying | |

|AREA |WAYS OF REDUCING RISKS | | |Ensure children do not publish personal information like their location, email address, phone number or date of birth. By getting a child to select the strongest | | |privacy setting available when they creating their account will minimise risk to their personal information. | | |Keep a record of anything abusive or offensive children receive and report any trouble to the site management (most sites have a simple reporting procedure, normally | |Social networking |activated by clicking on a link on the page.) | | | | | |Use a child-safe search engine. | | |Child-oriented search engines work like regular search engines by helping kids locate information on the Internet, except they also provide special features to | | |protect children from inappropriate material. | |Internet use | | | |Ensure that the computer is used in an area where parents are close-by. | | |Children should be encouraged to explore the internet independently - without actually being alone. Ensure the computer is in a family room with the screen facing | | |outward. Children are more likely to ask questions if the parents are near-by, rather than in the privacy of their bedroom. | | |Reduce risks of identity theft by only shopping at secure websites. These can be identified by “https” at the start of the web address; an unsecured website address | | |begins with “http”. An image of a padlock in the browser is also used to identify a secure website. | | |Do not share personal information. Businesses may sometimes request personal information which is not required to complete the transaction. Get children to think | | |about the information they are asked to provide and whether the business needs to know those details.  | |Buying online | | | |The UK Department of Health recommends that children under 16 should use mobile phones for short, essential calls only to reduce the risk of harm from electromagnetic| | |radiation which may lead to brain tumours and other cancers. Phones should be held slightly away from the head and text message should be sent instead of making | |Using a mobile phone |calls. | | |Ensure children use their phone in a safe place. Pedestrians using mobile devices are more likely to step into a crowded street and injure themselves by tripping or | | |running into things because they are not paying attention to where they are walking. | | | | |Using a mobile phone (cont) | |

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