understand the factors that influence children and young people’s development and how these affect practice

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Unit 1.
Understanding child and young persons development
Children and young people are different in many ways especially in their growth and development. However, they have similar patterns which as parents, healthcare professionals and school practitioners we must be aware of. For instance, we can observe a child’s physical development and communication skills to examine if the child is at the correct stage at the correct age. Other things we may look out for are the social aspects and emotional behaviour towards certain situations. Again following theses guidelines could help us identify if the child is following a pattern and if not, it could help identify any problems at an early stage. For example, a child who has reached the age of four but has speech difficulties, we may notice that he/she becomes very annoyed and agitated and in turn this prevents them from socialising with other child.

Birth to 3 months to 6 months to 9 months:
Walking and standing reflex. 3 months lifting and turning the head. explores objects with mouth and fingers. crawling and can sit up with support of the highchair babies cry according to whether they are hunger, if they are tired,babbling, laughing and squealing. Babies can also recognise familiar voices when they hear, as w ell as starting to notice mobiles and objects as well as look at books with carers. Eye contact and waving good bye. babies smile back when they see a smiling face. look around to see what is happening and also babies know their parents and main carers. they cry when they don’t know someone and smile when they recognise their parents. 1 to 2 years

stand alone for a few moments hold a crayon in palm and grasp. can run safely and walk up and down stairs. climb up onto furniture and can push and pull larger wheel toys. recognise picture books with simple rhymes. can only say few words when want something. drop and throw toys and look to see where they fall. pointing out objects and naming them....
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