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Topics: Psychology, Tree, Trunk Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Psychology as a topic is plentiful, however when discussing a massive study and field of research, psychology is extremely grandiose-there is so much more than a diagnosis. For starters, Psychology has numerous subfields and each subfield can further be broken down and specifically analyzed and debated. Subfields in any course of study can be explained primarily as branches of a tree. Imagine your largest tree trunk and label it, Psychology. This trunk is deeply rooted with historical roots of philosophers, however, its branches and leaves are subfields related and reaching back to the main source-Psychology. These subfields are actually similar only through the base that they all share, they all need to implement research and practice. Their differences are the topics areas of detailed study. Once you can imagine this analogy you can breakaway from the thought Psychology being misconcepted. Psychology is nearly one of the most fascinating curriculums offered at Universities. The history and origins date as far back as the Greek era of our most exemplified Philosophers-Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Aristotle, and even Michelangelo. These great men all studied and discussed physiology, philosophy combined with arts and inventions of master minded research. The misconception of psychology is extremely biased, in which, the media and motion picture may have created a shadow of only mental and psychotic diagnosis. To prove and elicit the exact misunderstanding of this beautiful field there are two subfields of psychology that seldom ever receive diction. Forensic Psychology and Developmental Psychology, as stated earlier are both branches of Psychology, though they are not popular and well known subfields of this study, our everyday routines surround their wellbeing. Forensic Psychology is the study of criminal behavior, treatment and all that these types of crimes entail-it can be classified as the psychological principles to legal issues. We hear and see...
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