Topics: Children Act 1989, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1646 words) Published: June 1, 2015
Hannah Sherriff

1.1 Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of the regulatory body. Currently the legislation regarding home based childcare are, The Children Act 1989 and The Care Standards Act 2000, these laws relate to the registration and inspection of childcare and early years providers. These laws are in place to ensure childcare providers treat all children “with equal concern”. The Children Act 2004 saw the implementation of the Every Child Matters (ECM) as a national frame work following high profile abuse cases. The ethos of ECM is that regardless of a child’s social, financial, racial status, whether they are disabled and regardless of where they have the right to get off to a good start in life and importantly reach their full potential. The 5 key areas are ; To be healthy

To be safe
To enjoy and achieve
To make a positive contribution
To achieve economic wellbeing
The data protection act 1998 is important in a childcare setting as it relates to not only personal data held in manual files but also any computerised information held. This act also effects the use of photographs as a means to evidencing learning and development and how things are stored. In 2006 the Children Act 2006 came into force, this put the onus on local authorities to improve the five ECM outcomes for all preschool children. Also in 2006 legislation was passed that saw all childcare businesses classed as food business. This means a food hygiene certificate is needed to ensure food safety is not compromised. RIDDOR governs the law regarding the reporting of workplace injuries, diseases and illnesses. They have a list of reportable illnesses, disease and accidents on their website. As a child carer it is important to keep an accident book and record all accidents and illnesses. The Equality Act 2010 links to ECM well as it provides a legal framework to ensure equality for all. It protects against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The Equality Act 2010 saw the introduction of “discrimination arising from disability”, (although the Disability Equality Duty and Disability Discrimination Act still apply. To ensure all children are provided for equally including those with disabilities of special educational needs the Children and Families act 2014 and Special Educational and Disability Regulations 2014 were put in place to help families with children that have specific additional needs. The regulatory bodies relating to home based childcare are OFSTED and HMRC. OFSTED is the regulatory body for early year’s childcare and education. This covers registration, inspection, investigation and enforcement. You must register with HMRC as self-employed, HMRC are the regulatory body for income tax/taxation and self assessment. The finance act 1994 states that self employed people must keep appropriate business records for tax purposes. 1.2 Develop policies and procedures for ;

Accidents, illness and emergencies
Equal opportunities.

See attached policies.
I will always have my policies available for parents to read at any time, I will also provide copies of my policies to new parents for them to keep at home and reference when they feel the need. I will ask parents to sign to say they have read and understand my policies and procedures and that they are happy with them prior to taking on any new child.

1.3 Explain the importance of confidentiality and data protection. When Child minding I will always take a professional approach to confidentiality. I will not share confidential or sensitive information about children or their families without permission of the family. The only time it would be appropriate for me to break this would be in the interest of protecting a child. I will not use any photographs of the minded children other than for my own album or for inclusion in my portfolio....
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