Understand How To Manage A Team

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Understand how to manage a team

1.1 Define the key features of effective team performance

The features of an effective team could be best summed up by Kenneth Blanchard’s Mnemonic PERFORM; this can be broken down into the following:

P = Purpose
E = Empowerment
R = Relationships and communication
F = Flexibility
O = Optimal Productivity
R = Recognition and appreciation
M = Morale

Purpose – The purpose must be commonly shared between each team member. There must be clear goals within the team that are relevant to the purpose or task. Managers must ensure that the strategies are clear in how the team will achieve those goals and that individual goals are clear to each staff member.

Empowerment – There must be a mutual respect between the team with a willingness to support one another. Each member of the team must have access to resources. A collective and personal sense of power must be in place.

Relationships and communication – The people within the team must be open and honest and must be received by one another with warmth and understanding. Team members must actively listen to one another and allow for and value differences of opinion.

Flexibility – Members of the team must be willing and ready to jump into various roles as and when needed to support their colleagues. Staff must be ready to adapt to the changing needs of the team and the service and must do so by been open to different ideologies and approaches.

Optimal productivity – Output within the team must remain high whilst been of quality. Decision making must be effective to allow for this to happen. Each team must have active problem solvers in order to adapt to difficulties and find solutions.

Recognition and appreciation – The contributions of each individual must be recognised and appreciated by all staff as well as the leader. It is beneficial for team members to feel respected and their contributions recognised in order to feel valued by the organisation.

Morale – Individuals must feel good about been a part of the team. Without this staff members will not feel confident and will not be motivated to have a meaningful input into the team. High moral involves a strong sense of group cohesion and a team spirit creating a culture that will go above and beyond for one another.

1.2 Compare the models used to link individual roles and development with team performance

It is my responsibility as a senior manager to ensure that all my staff is highly trained, competent and effective in their roles. Some of the methods used to ensure that this is in place are through group supervision with individual feedback. This takes place every third supervision and allows for constructive criticism within the team enabling a culture of openness and honesty to be developed. We have regular monthly meetings, within these meetings key people within the team are invited to speak. This may take place through key workers discussing and evaluating young people, using feedback from staff to update behaviour plans and risk assessments. My team has been consistent for some time now, however, should a new staff member be brought into the team this would be done so under strict guidelines and policies/procedures for the induction of new staff. The new staff member would be assigned a ‘buddy’ worker. This buddy worker is someone who has been in the setting for some time and has an in-depth knowledge of procedures, the young people, recording and reporting etc. in doing so the new staff member is brought on by someone who is experienced and competent and will form a part of the induction to the highest of standards. Before commencement to any shadow work, the new staff member will have undertaken all mandatory training. Mandatory training will include, H&S, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, RPI Training, CALMS theory, DOLs, Fire safety, Mental Capacity training, Attachment and loss, Autism awareness. The staff member will then undergo a...
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