Understand How Schools Upload Their Aims and Values

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• Governors are responsible for the approval of the E-Safety Policy and for reviewing the effectiveness of the policy. This will be carried out by the Governors receiving regular information about e-safety incidents and monitoring reports. • A member of the Governing Body has taken on the role of E-Safety .

The role of the E-Safety Governor will include:
• regular meetings with the E-Safety Co-ordinator / Officer • regular monitoring of e-safety incident logs
• regular monitoring of filtering / change control logs • reporting to relevant Governors committee / meeting

Headteacher and Senior Leaders:

• The Headteacher is responsible for ensuring the safety (including e-safety) of members of the school community, though the day to day responsibility for e-safety will be delegated to the E-Safety Co-ordinator / Officer – Mrs J.Besaw • The Headteacher / Senior Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the E-Safety Coordinator / Officer and other relevant staff receive suitable CPD to enable them to carry out their e-safety roles and to train other colleagues, as relevant • The Headteacher / Senior Leaders will ensure that there is a system in place to allow for monitoring and support of those in school who carry out the internal e-safety monitoring role. This is to provide a safety net and also support to those colleagues who take on important monitoring roles • The Senior Leadership Team / Senior Management Team will receive regular monitoring reports from the E-Safety Co-ordinator • The Headteacher and another member of the Senior Leadership Team / Senior Management Team should be aware of the procedures to be followed in the event of a serious e-safety allegation being made against a member of staff

E-Safety Coordinator

• leads on esafety
• takes day to day responsibility for e-safety issues and has a leading role in establishing and reviewing the school e-safety policies / documents • ensures that all staff are aware of the procedures that need to be followed in the event of an e-safety incident taking place. • provides training and advice for staff

• liaises with the Local Authority
• liaises with school ICT technical staff
• receives reports of e-safety incidents and creates a log of incidents to inform future e-safety developments • meets regularly with E-Safety Governor to discuss current issues, review incident logs and filtering / change control logs • attends relevant meeting / committee of Governors

• reports regularly to Senior Leadership Team

Network Manager / Technical staff:

• EDIT is responsible for ensuring:
• that the school’s ICT infrastructure is secure and is not open to misuse or malicious attack • that users may only access the school’s networks through a properly enforced password protection policy, • that he / she keeps up to date with e-safety technical information in order to effectively carry out their e-safety role and to inform and update others as relevant • that the use of the network / Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) / remote access / email is regularly monitored in order that any misuse / attempted misuse can be reported to the E-Safety Co-ordinator / Officer /Headteacher / Senior Leader / Head of ICT / ICT Co-ordinator / Class teacher / Head of Year • That there is a procedure for authorising a request for website to be whitelisted or blacklisted before requesting this at edithelp@wakefield.gov.uk •

Teaching and Support Staff
• are responsible for ensuring that:
• they have an up to date awareness of e-safety matters and of the current school e-safety policy and practices • they have read, understood and signed the school Staff Acceptable Use Policy / Agreement (AUP) • they report any suspected misuse or problem to the E-Safety Co-ordinator / Officer /Headteacher / Senior Leader / Head of ICT / ICT...
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