understand employment responiblities and right in health, social care or children and young peoples settings

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1.1 Disciplinary procedures Discrimination
Minimum wage Hours worked Health and safety Holiday’s entitlements Redundancy and dismissal Training Union right and consultation
1.2 Employment rights Equalities and Discrimination Health and safety
1.3 There has to be rules and protection for workers, owners of businesses and factories have never given anything to the workers without being forced to, shorter hours, paid holidays, proper safety protection, rising the age a child can be employed. All these above have to be legislated for the owners to obey the laws. It also helps us the employer and the employee.
1.4 looks at your contract Handbook, Job description, Policy documents,
Terms and conditions
Basic rights
Discrimination issues
Information source
Health and safety
Work experience
Bullying in the Workplace 2.1 My contract shows me the start date of my contract started. What hours I will be doing in the week. How much I get paid an hour and when it will get paid in my bank. What holidays I am entitled to, For the sickness pay and conditions there is no contractual sickness/injury payment scheme in addition to SSP, if there is a capability/disciplinary issues it explains what how you should look in the handbook and what part of the hand book you need to look at. If you have a grievance it tells you to raise it with your manager either verbally or in writing. It tells you how many week notice you have to give for termination for you and the employee.
2.2 On my pay statement it shows the breakdown of all the hours I have worked thought out the month. It also shows how much national insurance and tax I have paid, what tax period it is. How many days holidays I have taken and have left. It also tells me my pay roll number. It has the gross pay which is how much you have earned before tax and at the bottom off the wage slip it tells you how much you come out with after the tax has been taken off.

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