Underground to Canada: Ch 6-10 by: Danish Khan

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Chicken Pages: 4 (1711 words) Published: March 27, 2009
This was essentially a Book Report assignment that my grade 8 teacher gave me. It basically summarizes the book from chapter 6-10 chapters of the book Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker via Book Report format. This should be quite use full for students under TDSB Scarborough area.

=========================January 7, 2008 Danish KhanFirst Steps WritingCH 6-10 RecountStolen and ripped away from her loving mother, Julilly travels in a wooden cart with other slaves from Massa Hensen's plantation and finally arrives at the Deep South. A place most feared by all slaves. There she meets a young girl named Liza who becomes her best friend. In the new plantation she is forced to work in the hot fields to pick cotton forever. With little to eat and small amount of sleep, Julilly thrives to escape to freedom. Days later a mysterious white man from Canada appears who changes the fate of Julilly and her friend Liza as he helps them escape to Canada, where freedom would happily greet the two of them.

Arriving at the new plantation was a big surprise for Julilly. The slaves at Massa Riley's plantation were thin and frail. The kids had caved in cheeks and thin legs. They were like living skeletons made to work under frightfully dangerous circumstances. The small children were fed like pigs that sucked their food from a trough. An old lady led Julilly into her sleeping cabin. This was where she met Liza a young girl who looked like an old women with a bent back and beaten legs with many bruises. Liza was the only one who offered any kind of welcome to Julilly. They talked for a long time, about how the slave owners treated their slaves like pigs and workhorses. Liza warned her about Sims and how he was the head of the slave quarters. She told her that he had whipped her when she tried to run away. Then they talked about Canada. Liza knew about this country of freedom. It wasn't long before the discussion stopped and the two girls were asleep in their rags.

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