underground city project

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Underground City project
Melyna, Kimber, & Maren 3A/B

For a underground city, the necessities and comforts need to be provided. They need to be simple, but also complex. This KMM underground city provides the things inhabitants would need to survive and live happily in. This great city includes four levels. One of level includes grocery stores, supply stores and many other things that provide all the things the inhabitants would need to survive for many years. The next level includes greenhouses where the food is grown fresh. Next to the greenhouses is where the trash will be stored. This level is vital for the surviving of the inhabitants and has been greatly planned. The next level in where all the luxuries take place. There are many wonderful houses and apartments that will make it easily enjoyable. Another thing that is included on this level is the mayor’s house. The mayor’s house is a beautiful big building that will hold the many wonderful mayor’s that will guide the KMM city. The next great thing that this level includes is a gathering hall. In this gathering hall it includes a stage and a gathering room where meetings can be held.The next level is the operating level, which has in it the pipe-works, which operate smoothly the water system in the city. This level also has the generator that controls the rest of the city. It is obvious already how great this underground city is. This is the most important level its level 1, this specific level has all the greeting utilities you could ever think of. When guests would first enter they would see this huge banner that says, “Welcome to the City of Ember!” If they would turn to the right they would see a huge store that provides supplies that you need to survive its called the storage house. It also has all types of canned foods, like canned pineapples, pears, peaches, beans, etc. If they keep on going up the road then they can go into the best crafts store in town its called, “All Crafts and Stuff.”...
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