Undercover Boss

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Undercover Boss: Yankee Candle

The episode of Undercover Boss over Yankee Candle touched on a few very important aspect of being a productive leader. The episode followed Yankee Candles CEO and President Harlan Kent as he posed as “Dan Johnson” while he spent the day being trained at different Yankee Candle jobs. Harlan Kent showed many qualities that an exceptional leader should posses. In a leadership analysis I will touch on the leadership qualities showed in this episode, as well as cover some mistakes that leaders commonly make and how they can be overcome. The most defining quality that Harlan showed through the episode is his extraordinary passion for all aspects of the Yankee Candle Business. Passion is extremely important for a leader to express because it not only is what drives the leader but also shows his followers an example of the commitment that they should have for their jobs. The second quality that was shown has to do with the way in which Harlan treated his employees. He showed the ability to put job titles aside and treat everyone equal. He listened to what his employees has to say and showed support to them as people. This is important as a leader because it shows followers that they are not only important to the organization but are recognized as the people they are and not only by their job description. One last quality that I saw Harlan showed in this episode was his ability to be film with his employees and make them understand what is expected of them. He did this with his final encounter with the employee Blaze. The important part of this encounter was that he was able to be firm with Blaze but then offer a resolution and support. This leadership quality instills respect in the employee for the leader and can increase the level of trust between the two. Leadership is not easy and there are many mistakes that will. One of these mistakes is for a leader to under inform an employee. This can be can caused for a...
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