Underage Drinking

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Underage Drinking

Episode 4 "Underage Drinking; A National Concern" of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia addresses underage drinking through politically incorrect satire while still focusing on the seriousness of the subject matter. It is widely known and accepted that alcohol abuse by teenagers is not only a crime; it is also a sorrowful situation when it involves ruining lives and it can even result in death. The cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia presents a new and obviously demented view point to the subject. The friends portrayed in the show understand teenage drinking is unacceptable and in the opening scenes of this particular episode the cast shares some personal youthful experiences while sitting together in the bar that that is owned collectively by the group. Charlie points out a particularly dangerous moment when he says several times “Remember when we totaled Ben’s car after we plowed into that tree!” (“Underage Drinking, A National Concern”).

Alcohol use among teens increases dramatically during the high-school years and leads to serious consequences for many teens. As studies by statistics from the National Institute of Health show, each year in the United States, alcohol-related automobile accidents are a major cause of teen deaths. Alcohol is also often a cause in other teenage deaths, including drowning, suicides and homicides. “Teens who drink are more likely to become sexually active, have sex more frequently and engage in risky, unprotected sex than are teens who don't drink.” (National Institute of Health).

For each person who will agree with a specific angle to this subject there will be two who will stand up and disagree. A classic example from this episode is the early comment from Dee, “[there is] a social responsibility to keep teenagers from drinking.” (“Underage Drinking, A National Concern”). Obviously this is right thinking however this is the twisted turning point with regards to this episode....

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“Underage Drinking; A National Concern.” It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. By Glenn
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