Underage drinking

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Speech 1311 Raguillon

This is your Speech working outline template to be used as a guide for your persuasive speech. You will need to completely fill in every BOLD DESCRIPTION with clear sentences to be turn in as your working outline assignment. You may review the public speaking template posted under your informative speech if you need further explanation for each item.

Name: Meghan Hurt
Course: Speech 1311

Class Time: 6:30 – 9:30

Method of Organization Used: Chapter 12

Title: Young and Arrogant

Speech to Convince? Actuate? Inspire? To Persuade.

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that communication between parents and teens can reduce the incidence of adolescent alcohol abuse and drunk driving related deaths.

Thesis Statement: To persuade my audience that communication between parents and teens can reduce the incidence of adolescent alcohol abuse and drunk driving related deaths. Parental awareness and involvement is essential to keeping teens safe. Parents need to teach their children how to keep safe in situations involving alcohol. Share with them the risks and give them some facts that inform them to take responsible actions instead of actions that could harm themselves or other people.

Persuasive Speaking Strategy: Ethos


Attention Material: Each year, approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking; this includes about 1,900 deaths from motor vehicle crashes, 1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 from suicide, as well as hundreds from other injuries such as falls, burns, and drownings.

Credibility Statement: Underage drinking can not only bring harm to you but also to your family.

Audience Involvement: Have you ever been involved in a teenage drinking incident? Yes, ofcourse we all have because we’ve all been teenagers but have we all handled it in the right way is the key question?

Preview of Ideas: Today I will explain to you the different techniques and ways to keep your child from not being an addition to the skyrocketing percentage rate we have on teenage drinking in America.

Transition into Body: First we will start off with my main point that underage drinking can have major consequences.


I. First Main Point: Underage drinking can have serious consequences.

A. Subpoint: You can protect your children from the risks associated with drinking by maintaining open communication and expressing a clear, consistent message about alcohol.

1. Sub-subpoint: Building a close relationship with your kids will make it easier for them to come to you for help in making decisions that impact their health and well-being.

2. Sub-subpoint: Parents need to be there for their teens, especially if you see that they need help

B. Subpoint: Parents need to keep tabs on where their child goes and offer them their assistance such as driving them home from a party if they drank too much to drive themselves home.

1. Sub-subpoint: Studies show adolescents whose parents closely monitor their activities are less likely to use alcohol or to be in risky situations involving alcohol. 2. Sub-subpoint: _ If they were scared of the situation like people getting so drunk that they are being wild and dangerous to the people around them at a party.

Transition: Now that I have shown you some of the ways connecting with your children can help reduce teenage drinking, I will now demonstrate how parents setting a good example for their children helps teenage drinking. This can also reduce teenage drinking by seeing adults being mature with alcohol these days.

Visual Aids: Now, I’m going to show you a powerpoint of some graphs that have actually decreased the teenage drinking problem because of communicating effectively with their parents or even just adults in general.

II. Second Main Point: Parents or adults being able to set good examples for their children would reduce teenage...

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