Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses

Topics: Metaphor, Veil, Odor Pages: 2 (1238 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Professor Santos When the sign of the mango first enters the narrative phrase has two semiotic effects. The first effect is the metonymic contiguity between fruit and Carlottas body, highlighted in the caressing and intimate gesture that makes the girl, when she shows gift to her friend The mango had given it Carlota, introduced illegally into the convent after a weekend at his father. She took out a recess and showed it to her friend, holding it in the palm of your hand, the second effect is more symbolic and cultural sign of mango is the signal that cements the friendship It was a gift today at lunchtime from steering committee members of the Carnival said Carlotta smiling. It is a kidney colon Sweet as Sugar Loaf and tender as butter. Here, Ill gift it to you. The mango is a moving object transfer, passing from the hands of the Carnival Committee to Carlottas hands, and then, at Merceditas. However, it is suggested by the parallel repetition with difference, the unit substance, which opens another effect of mango as a sign its metaphorical representation of the intimate and hidden desire. The mango is transferred by Merceditas from the pocket, synecdoche of his body, to the desk drawer, and locked underground space. The second appearance of the sign of mango traces Merceditas anxious suspense, when she hopes the discovery of fruit, forbidden by the nun. The mango is announced by synecdoche for its evocative fragrance of roses Like every day when the work, Mother Artigas passed between the students in the study hall, watching the uneven rise and fall of the needles ... when suddenly she stopped. She felt a powerful scent of roses coming very close ... She was struck by the dye up the cheeks of Merceditas, and walked slowly to where she was. -Have the goodness to open your desktop She asked. Merceditas obey She slowly lifted the lid of her desk, exposing its contents books, soap dish, folding cup, pencils, blue apron, black veil, white veil, neatly coiled next...
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