Under the Sun

Topics: Want, Emotion, Student Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Wake Up Call

A right direction can provides us with unique and powerful challenges to grow and contribute. Makes us aim our efforts, give of ourselves, and create meaningful relationships and changes. Through this process we become stronger. We can accomplish our goals. In a very real and authentic way we can leave a lasting legacy. I believe everyone is capable of being strong, wise, more collaborative, and more focus on helping others.

We, students, are the most ambitious, creative, and idealistic groups of people. We are inspired, motivated and hopeful. We look at society and its challenges through a fresh perspective. We hope to do work that benefits the masses and the world itself. We dream big and get caught up in conversations that stir us. We are collaborative and hope to pursue shared purposes and help others grow in the process.

Chief of change is something we are called to do. There’s a lot of work to do to building a better society. We have probably already found causes that are important to us and our communities. We may have seen injustice, greed, helplessness, broken bureaucracies, and corruption. We may also have seen inspiring programs and efforts meant to address our most difficult challenges. I have no doubt we have wanted to become involved and make significant changes and the way the world lives and works especially in the ground we seize and soar our path.

An ordinary and associated issue here in our university is the UCSC (University Collegiate Student Council) – a government out of student-leaders that protect and promote the welfare of the whole studentry. Irregularities has been always a predicament every election, for almost 3 years of my stay in college it is not a surprise as a normal scene in our university. The mistake is either both sides of the parties running in the election or in the wrong process of USCOMELEC.

Unfortunately, though, many of us never lead the change. We want change – we want to change our society,...
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