Under My Bed

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Under My Bed
My name is Tommy. I’m ten years old, and I have a secret. There’s a monster that lives under my bed. I wake up screaming every night. My mom and dad tell me there isn’t a monster under my bed, but I know the truth. It’s there, terrorizing me every night. He comes out from under my bed and tortures me. He leaves scratches and bruises on me; but when I show my parents, they say I probably fell out of bed.

The terror starts when the lights go out with a flick and the door closes with a click. Soon, I hear the tap, tap, tap coming from under my bed. I can almost see those giant, glinting claws tapping against the polished hardwood floor. Tap. Tap. Tap. The tapping becomes more persistent and that’s when I hear it.

The low grumble of the monster saying, “Close your eyes, Tommy.”
I know what will happen if I close my eyes. The monster will come out and torture me just like he’s been doing since we moved here last month. I don’t know why he tortures me or why he’s here.
The low grumble comes again, “Close your eyes, Tommy. Do it now!”
He’s getting angrier; I can hear it in his voice. I know if I close my eyes now, the torture will be much worse. I must not close my eyes tonight.
“SHUT YOUR EYES NOW, TOMMY! DO IT NOW!” roars the monster.
The roar scares me, and I accidentally close my eyes. I shut them so tight I begin to see purple spots and that’s when I realize what I’ve done. I try to scream, but no sound comes out. The monster has taken my voice. Then, I feel a thumping from beneath my bed. Thump. Thump. Thump. The monster is trying to get out. Thump. Thump. Thump. I close my eyes again and pray that it won’t be too bad tonight.

“Thank you for listening to me, Tommy. But you did not obey me the first time. Tonight’s torture will be much, much worse,” says the monster in his low, rumbly voice.
I’m very terrified. I try to yell, but no sound comes out. I want my mom and dad. I open my eyes and see the monster slowly coming towards me. The monster is a huge, hairy beast with glinting claws and a low rumbling voice. He has a full set of razor sharp teethwith which he enjoys biting me. He lives under my bed and comes out to terrorize me every night. We moved in a month ago because this house wasn’t as expensive as the others around it. I learned later that there was a little boy who lived here. He was just like me, and then one day he was found dead in his room, barely recognizable. His head was completely gone. His blood was all over the room, and there were chunks of white matter around the room, later identified as his brains. My parents try to tell me this isn’t a true story, and it’s just told to scare me. But I know the truth. The little boy was real, and the same thing that happened to him will happen to me.

“You have been a very bad boy, Tommy, and now it’s time for your punishment,” the monster says as he sharpens his already-sharp claws.
He takes one giant claw and swipes it across my face, leaving a big gash on my cheek. My cheek burns, and I feel the blood begin to flow. It drips into my mouth, and I can taste the sharp metallic sting of it on my tongue. I begin to cry, and the salty tears mix with the blood.

“Don’t cry, Tommy. You’ve been a bad boy, and you deserve this,” comes the low rumble from the monster.
The monster is becoming angry. His face is turning red, and his eyes are so black. His eyes are empty and cold. I know I must stop crying, but I can’t. Why is this happening to me? Then he slaps me across the face hard. My cheek burns, and the gougeoozes blood. My eyes begin to water, but I will not let the fresh tears fall. I try to wipe at my eyes, but before I can, the monster yells.

“NO! YOU STUPID BOY! YOU MUST OBEY ME!” bellows the monster.
He grabs me and slams me into the wall, sending pain throughout my entire body. I see spots flash behind my lids before everything fades to black.
I wake up, only to find the monster still there. I try to move...
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