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Being positive and a true believer in good things will always give you the best outcome in life. Johnny was always out in the court playing what he loved. Second on his team, he was the most recognized basketball player in the entire high school. Johnny’s passion towards basketball began when he was just 8 years old. Always dribbling the ball around and playing with his friends, and never lost a game.

During the school year, Johnny was determined to be his best in school but also to compete in the state finals. So to do that, he would come to the gym court every morning to practice. He hardly every missed a practice. Every day he would try his best to be healthy so his bones could be strong on the court. Johnny lifelong goal is to be a professional basketball star one day.

The final game was just a day away. This was to determine who was going to compete in the district finals. Johnny was as nervous as can be but he couldn’t stop from going out there. As soon as the game started, Johnny’s team was in the lead. They were trying really hard to play their best. When a foul was called, Johnny was up for a free throw. While he threw the ball, a massive pain in his knee prevented him from continuing. He was in major pain and the ambulance was called to take him to the ER.

Later that day, Johnny’s teammates and family were as worried as can be. When the x-rays came in, it was noticed that Johnny’s ACL was ruptured very severely. Followed by the recovery time and the surgery, it really impacted Johnny’s mood. Although Johnny was aware that he had to stay positive throughout all of this. Thinking about the surgery “Finds, and shall find, me unafraid” kept him going.

After the successful surgery, Johnny had only 2 months remaining until he could go back out on the court and play again. As tough as the procedure was, Johnny kept his head up and got through it. Johnny knows, because of his positive attitude and dedication to get better, he will be playing again just like he used to. All the hard work pays off at the end somehow. One thing to know he said “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

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