Unconventional Political Action

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Communism Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: December 25, 2005
The unconventional political action is unnecessary on numerous grounds, including taking away freedom of choice and it denigrates the foundation of democratic societies. Many societies experience unconventional political action, since it is a cycle of two way politics (conventional and unconventional). For example, the unconventional political actions after World War I in Germany resulted in many revolts and instabilities in German government. Not only different factions of Communists and Democrats fought for power using boycotts and illegal occupations of buildings, they also created extreme conditions in what was then a fragile Germany. During the Nazi regime in Germany, Adolph Hitler and his henchmen allowed German masses to vandalize and boycott Jewish owned stores across the German land. In between the end of World War I and Nazi regime controlling Germany there was a normal society that thrived in mints of all the events that were happening in the world. This was a cycle of demonstration of conventional and unconventional political action that happened in one modern society in a short period of time. Even thought, Hitler, came to power using conventional political actions, he became allured by the use of the unconventional political actions to reach his goals in a quick way (create powerful military force, invade countries, and try to terminate people of different races). In the post-World War II era, the unconventional political actions were taking in place in Asia and Eastern Europe, where poverty and injustice have been associated with one another. In Hungary for example, where the civilian population took on the Soviet tanks in order to control their own country which was at that time controlled by a Soviet puppet government. In these examples, the violence escalated into massacres creating deaths of innocent civilians in orders to achieve a formation of a new government that will be fragile and more vulnerable to a new coup d'état and a new...
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