Uncle Toms Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Boston: John P. Jewett, 1852

Chapter 4
(1)How does Uncle Tom Aunt Chloe feel about George Shelby’s presence in their cabin? Tom and Aunt Chole feels that George Shelby is a sweet handsome child that’s birthed with a special gift they feel that he is welcome, they know that George is a Christian child that means no harm. (2)What happens on Tom’s cabin after their evening meal? Why are Tom’s prayers appreciated by other slaves? After the evening meal Mr. Shelby and the trader went into the dining room and Mr. Shelby sold Tom’s after he had promise that he wouldn’t sell Tom “without knowing what sort of hand he’s going into.” Tom’s prayers are appreciated by other slaves because Tom’s prayers always work on “…the devotional feelings of his audiences… and how his language of scripture … and how he had great respect as a sort of minister among the slaves.” (3)Find an example of racial stereotyping in this chapter. In what way are Uncle Tom’s dialect and his wife dialect on example of racial stereotyping? “…Get away Mericky, honey-mammy’ll…” racial stereotyping. Tom’s and his wife dialect of racial stereotyping is based on facts and what true “Don’t you know a slave can’t be married …” mentioned in chapter 3. (4)For what reasons can Mr. Shelby be called a hypocrite?

Mr. Shelby is a hypocrite because he promised Tom that he wouldn’t sell him and when the trader came for dinner they talked business. During dinner Mr. Shelby made his final decision ad he sold Tom and Harry for profit. Mr. Haley came about and said to Mr. Shelby “I hope you’ll remember that you promised on your honor you wouldn’t sell Tom without knowing what sort of hands he’s going into.”

(5)The title of the novel is often indicative of its overall message. At this point in the story, why do you think Stowe calls her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin? At this point in the story of Chapter 4,...
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